Feel Safer in Your Home

Our mission is to ensure you and your loved ones can maintain your independence and enjoy aging in place in the comfort of home for as long as safely possible. Direct Link is a national provider of medical alert systems that empower seniors to live independently for longer than might otherwise be possible. These include 24-hour personal emergency response systems (PERS), a fall sensor, automated medication dispenser, and vital signs monitoring units. Our offices are locally owned and operated, enabling quick installation and personalized, ongoing support. We stock our inventory to facilitate maintenance. Direct Link is available on a monthly basis with no equipment to buy and no long-term commitments or obligations.

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Personal Emergency Response Systems

Direct Link Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Seniors who have a PERS are able to stay in their home an average of SIX years longer than those who do not.* For help, simply press the small, wireless button worn as a pendant or wristband. The Care Center will respond promptly and take action based on your prior instructions. They will:
-Dispatch an ambulance when necessary -Have a neighbor check in on you in a non-emergency -Notify a family member of your situation * According to the AC Nielson Study.

Vital Sign Monitoring

Reduce your number of unnecessary ER and hospital visits by monitoring chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, hypertension and COPD, from the comfort of home! With our exclusive Direct Link vital sign monitoring units, you can easily measure glucose, blood pressure, pulse and weight every day at your convenience without leaving home.

Medication Management

Approximately 20% of seniors are using about 50 prescriptions every year*! Keeping up with multiple medications can be a challenge, especially when certain prescriptions must be taken at specific times during the day. Direct Link’s automated medication dispenser can help simplify medication management, giving you peace of mind and maximizing independence.

How it Works
The unit utilizes user-friendly microchip technology to dispense multiple medications at preset times. It is compatible with digital cable/VoIP phone service. It is AC operated with a 72-hour rechargeable battery back-up for travel or power failures.

Stress Less
Direct Link’s automated medication dispenser is a simple, affordable and reliable solution to managing multiple medications!